How to Get Experience Points (XP) In Treasure Isle


Acquiring Knowledge Points (XP) is Vital to level Upward in Treasure Isle. The greater amount you’ve increased, you will be able to unlock new goods, new islands, and then recharge your energy amount. For every single higher level, there’s actually a experience landmark you have to reach first before you reach the next point.

Here are 6 sure tactics to earn XP in Treasure Isle.

Helping Your Neighbor – By visiting your Treasure Isle neighbors and helping them, then you are going to get +10 XP. There is no limit to how many neighbors you are able to stop by a day thus providing you with with +10 XP just about every provided you acknowledge to accomplish some actions for them. If you own plenty of neighbors, your own XP will quickly accumulate treasure at tampines price.

Find out Treasures – Every single time you dig for treasures, you are certain to secure XP details. Some people offer just +1 XP even though some offer more. By way of instance, whenever you When you awakened a treasure chest, a small treasure chest will provide one +5 XP, while a medium size treasure-chest will definitely give you +15 XP and a big treasure torso presents +50 XP.

Total An Isle – You will likely be rewarded with experience points when you complete a island. How many XP to become rewarded will depend around the island’s measurement and difficulty level.

Trade-in Treasure

– once you’ve accumulated a full set of treasures and commerce from your own collection, you may get experience points. Once more, the amount of XP will be rewarded is based on the problem in gathering the specific treasure collection.

Purchasing Items – If you purchase certain objects for decorations like Scout Tower, Million Mansion, Pirate Monkey and many more for your house island, you will also be rewarded with experience details. On special occasions there’ll probably be limited edition items which will also provide you XP when you buy them.

Treasure Isle reside Feed – Once you click on the Treasure Isle are living Feed that your neighbours posted on your Facebook wall, you are going to be instructed for the match at which you will generate XP tidying your own home island or even saving your household island out of flame! You will automatically get +10 XP for your own campaign.

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