Second Glance: A Single Girl, Two Nations, A Tolerance Mission

Rarely we write about Americans who were allowed another citizenships by marriage which they have chosen for in their own-will. Karen Leggett is a American citizen by arrival having a naturalized Egyptian citizenship as of 2001 and both of her kids carry double citizenships far too. She is dedicated to raising children as Muslims although Karen embraces and adheres to Protestant Christian methods. Karen and her partner with their children celebrate fasting during Ramadan and celebrations of most Islamic and Christian holidays. A living narrative of tolerance in between Christians and Muslims through knowledge of AllahÊ1/4s(the creator) messages. Graduate of Brown College with a BA in International Association including Record and Political Science. Back in Egypt In November 2014, Karen and her husband went to Egypt, taking two suitcases of donated books to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Karen shared with a presentation and actions associated with Hands Around the Library to kids in the Manshiet Nasser area of Cairo through a later school program operated from the Egyptian Nebny Foundation. Each youngster acquired a duplicate of the publication in Arabic (translated and released by the BA). Karen co ordinated with Lamia Abdel Fattah, Head of the Library Sector, a post-apocalyptic seminar on schooling and everyday education, in the BA October 1-2 – 13,” 2015. More than 650 people attended from Egyptian NGOs, teachers, librarians and many others, shared projects and collaborated on better ways to improve the educational prognosis for poor kids in Egypt. Karen can be just a lifelong journalist and writer – for radio, papers, publications and now childrenÊ1/4s books. Her very first childrenÊ1/4s publication – the awardwinning Hands Round the Library: Prove EgyptÊ1/4s Treasured publications – premiered in 2012 in English and Arabic. It’s the story of protesters who held palms round the library in Alexandria, Egypt, to shield it from vandals throwing stones through the 2011 revolution. A brand new variant of KarenÊ1/4s film guide biography, Malala Yousafzai: Warrior with Words, will probably be published at ancient 20-19. Karen can be an active advocate for including people with disabilities, especially intellectual disabilities, in all of culture. In this potential, Karen is leading and facilitating online discussions between sixth graders from Egypt as well as the U.S.A.

The Baltimore Luxor Alexandria (Egypt) Sister City Committee ( is easing online exchanges between kids in Alexandria, Egypt, and also the United States (Baltimore and Arlington). On occasion the kids have live discussions through Skype or Skype Google hang-out. This fundraising will help provide technical aid – good superior speakers and pellets but will additionally enable us to utilize the most secure Narrative Atlas platform offered by the other non profit company, MapWorks understanding ( Students will be able to share art, essays and videosto make videos and map their own particular communities. Finally they can work together to learn about and tackle a few of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development objectives (”The maximum result of education is tolerance.”

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